Road Trip

By the time you read this, Dar and I will already be on the road and heading toward Florida. We're leaving the bus-house in Rockport under the watchful eye of our neighbors while make this surgical strike into the heart of the Sunshine State to attend the wedding of my nephew Ben and his sweetie Sarah. MS Streets and Trips says it's about 1,200 miles each way so we'll be experiencing a lot of togetherness over the next few days.

I figure the 2,400 miles will cost about $150 in gas, and two extra motel nights and meals maybe another $200. That's less than half the price of making the same trip by air, which has it's own set of hassles, lines, and waits. Besides, I've been looking forward to this road trip and the break in the routine and boredom that's starting to set in at the old RV Park.

I'll post updates to this Journal as we speed along -- maybe more than one each day. So tune in and follow along.

Speeding down the Super-Slab...


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