Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today is my birthday... not a major event but awfully close to one. Today I'm 59 which means that in less than one more short year I'll be 60. Hmmm. I haven't brooded over this fact much, and won't. But I will make note of it here as much as a life marker or milestone as anything else. And to re-state the obvious... that life goes by much too fast, and with increasing speed as one ages.

I do feel an affirmation that the unorthodox lifestyle we've chosen at this stage of our lives is the right thing, for us, to do. We're having a ball... seeing and experiencing things we might otherwise have never had the opportunity to enjoy... and understanding that alternative lifestyles can be rich, educational, and fulfilling.

Give in to your wild-side... follow the untrodden path before it's too late.

Ruminating in Rockport

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Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Thom!!! Heres to lots of more years living the good life.



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