A SAD Ending

Well, it's February and my SAD Program is now complete. (For those who have no idea what I'm talking about click here). In short, I gave up sweets and alcohol for the month of January to adjust my weight and give my liver a rest. The "S" in SAD stands for Sweets... and on that I'd give myself a C- score. I did cut down, but just couldn't totally give up some things: brownies, cookies, and some deserts when neighbors felt sorry and tempted me with their finest. I did resist buying and having the ubiquitous bag of M&M's around the house, and I did not even once impulsively buy a Snickers Bar... my idea off the perfect food (the right mix of protein, fiber, carbs, and fat). I think any of us could get through any natural disaster you can think of as long as you have a good supply of Snickers Bars stashed under the back porch.

But on the "A", Alcohol, I give myself a solid A score -- not an A+, but a solid A. The devil's liquor only crossed the pearly gates of my mouth 1 time... when I tasted one small sip (and I'm serious here -- it was small) of some wonderful home distilled nectar called moon-shine made by a good friend of ours from Wisconsin. I needed to taste last year's batch for quality control reasons. It was a sacred responsibility that I couldn't shrink from.

The results of the program are that I dropped a solid 5 or 6 pounds and I'm feeling great and I consider the program a success. But I gotta tell you that I'm totally sick of hot chocolate and herb tea for a while.

Yesterday, on Monday, Dar and I made a trip into Corpus Christi to do a little shopping. Since it was a rainy and cloudy day, we thought we might just as well take care of some shopping for a wedding gift for my nephew Ben, who will be married to Sarah, his sweetie, next Saturday. We also treated ourselves to lunch at Olive Garden. It was a nice day out and a nice break from the boring RV park routine.

Most of this week looks like it'll be rainy and cool... just more of the same from our El NiƱo problem this year. Tuesday and Wednesday we'll be getting ready for our drive over to the wedding.

Slowly sipping a small snifter of spirits with a smile on my smacker...


Slightly Better than Most