Amarillo by Morning...

... but only if we had kept driving all night... which we didn't. Songs like this one from 1973 by Terry Stafford stick in my head and I was singing it all day as we drove into the Texas panhandle. It's fun to use old song titles as titles for journal entries and besides, it may be a while before I get back up here again. So use it while I can, right?

We actually made it as far as Post Texas, just 30 miles or so from the Lubbock Texas metroplex. Tonight's camp is at the Post View RV Park and we're only staying overnight. Tomorrow's drive will be considerably shorter than the 330 miles we did today. Our "early" start this morning was a few minutes before 9am, but hey, that IS early for us. Great Texas roads and light traffic on the route we took, plus cooperative weather, made the drive an easy one.

Tomorrow we'll make it to the Amarillo area, but not by morning... maybe early afternoon. Not sure where we'll camp yet, but we'll be early enough to find something interesting I hope.

Here are a couple photos from the day today...

Our campsite for the past week+ at Miller Creek near Johnson City. It looked like this when we left this morning.

Oil and Wind. This is energy country. Literally thousands of wind powered generators are all over the place... swarms of them. We're seeing these things pop up all over the USA but we've seen nothing like the numbers of them in North Central Texas.

The stately old McCulloch County Courthouse in Brady Texas.

Dar tried to capture a pic of some wildflowers in the ditch along the way.

And it's off to bed. Good-night all.


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