Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Blow-Out

Man, I'm glad we decided to stay at Miller Creek another day. As the recent storm and cold front pulled away from Texas last night and this morning, the skies cleared but the wind picked up to near gale force -- gusts well into the upper 30's mph. The bus-house was rockin' & rollin' all day today, but a lot less than if we'd have been on the road. I know some RV'ers say they don't let wind and weather hamper their travel plans, and they'll be on the road regardless. But this kid enjoys driving so much more when not battling wind and weather in addition to the normal traffic crazies. Besides, where do I have to be by a specific date or time? We're truly wandering and value the flexibility of going whenever and wherever we decide... and another reason we usually don't bother with reservations.

As I sit here writing about 5pm we're pretty much ready to go. Earlier today we pulled in the slides and moved to another site, one with a sewer connection. The gray and black tanks are empty, the fresh tank is half full, most things are stowed, bikes are on the rack, pizza for dinner tonight. All we have to do in the morning is unplug the power, hook up the car, and go. We should be moving early.

And moving early will be a good thing. If we make it as far as we'd like it'll be almost 300 miles tomorrow, more than we usually do, but an easy day IF we get an early start. The rough plan is to make it as far as somewhere north of Abilene tomorrow, overnight somewhere cheap, and drive the rest of the way to Canyon, TX. on Tuesday. Canyon is just south of Amarillo and is named for the nearby Palo Duro Canyon that we hope to explore this week.

Who knows, maybe the snow the panhandle got last Friday and Saturday will be gone by the time we get there.