The Last Winter Blast...

At least that's our hope. Most of the country is going to be affected by this one. It came blasting out of the North this morning about 5am... shaking the bus-house, thunderstorms, wind, and cold. It's not supposed to get out of the 40's here today.

We're heading toward Amarillo when we leave Miller Creek... had planned on leaving tomorrow, Sunday. I checked the temps around the country this morning -- Beaver Dam, our hometown in Wisconsin was 35f, the upper peninsula of Michigan was 32f, Willow Alaska was 34f... and Amarillo Texas was 21f.  Hmmm, maybe we should have gone to Alaska this Spring.

At any rate, we've decided to hang around here in the Texas Hill Country until Monday, which looks like a good travel day with light winds and blue skies. The next couple days we'll stick close to home.

Our campsite at Miller Creek doesn't have a sewer hookup. Most sites here are full hookup, but as busy as they are with rallys and lingering Winter Texans, the overflow area was the only spot we could park without having to move once in a while during our stay.  I'm hoping "overflow area" doesn't refer to holding tanks.  We're now on 12 days without dumping the tanks (65 gallons of gray water; 45 gallons of black water) and they're getting close to full. We're going to make it until tomorrow, Sunday, when we'll prepare the bus-house for travel and drive over to the dump station and clean things out. We'll then get back into our site, minimally set up for one more night, and get ready for traveling north early Monday.

Oh, I forgot to mention in this morning's journal entry that we did, in fact, find some bluebonnet wildflowers in Marble Falls yesterday. There weren't many though, just a smattering here and there. Dar took a couple pictures as proof. But I'm still not totally convinced that some sparky Texans didn't sneak out at night and stick plastic bluebonnets in the dirt along the roads -- just to get us Yank's all wound up. As always, photos online.

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