Saturday, March 20, 2010

What the 'Ale...

A trip to the grocery store turned into an enjoyable lunch with Dar on the deck at River City Grille in Marble Falls Friday. This eatery is a local favorite, especially on warm sunny afternoons when their two-level deck overlooking Lake Marble Falls can be packed. Live music keeps things lively a few nights each week too. We lingered a while and just soaked in the warm sunny day.

Because things can get dreadfully dry around here during parts of the year, a series of dams were built along the Colorado River to create lakes that provide a drinking water source, especially for the nearby towns of Austin and San Antonio. The dam that created Lake Marble Falls, Max Startke Dam, was built around 1950. Unfortunately, as the lake rose it submerged the falls for which the town of Marble Falls was named. According to our waitperson at the Grille, the water level was lowered recently and the old falls emerged just upstream from where we were sitting -- proving to everyone that it's still there.

After a quick stop for some needed supplies at an HEB Store we headed for Blanco to visit Real Ale Brewing Company -- one of a handful of micro-breweries in Texas. It's a small operation and they're only open to the public on Friday afternoons. And this just happened to be a Friday afternoon! Imagine that?

Like almost everywhere else we went this week, there was a crowd. Although it was close, we were able to grab a parking spot and joined the crowd. The brewery had no less than six of their potions available for tasting -- and we tested no less than all six. We also took a tour of the facility and learned a little about what these small breweries do to compete with the big guys. I noticed that the crowd here, like people that frequent brewpubs and savor interesting beer are usually smiling, good natured, and having a good time.

Life is short, don't sip.