Austin City Limits

After our Thursday in Austin seeing the Capitol and the LBJ Library we headed bravely into the rush-hour traffic about 5pm. Having already been made aware of the legendary Austin traffic we weren't totally surprised it took us almost an hour and a half just to make it to the edge of town... crawling along at 2, then 5 miles per hour... then a complete stop. Wait for the light. Deal with people cutting in line ahead of us. Inch along on three lane wide "expressways".

Even Chicago traffic, in my long years of experience, isn't as bad as what we experienced that day. In most busy towns, there are areas of slow traffic and there are areas of fast traffic. But not in Austin... it was full slow the whole time. The same distance we covered coming in during the morning in less than an hour took more than two hours in the evening.

I guess this is the price you pay for living in a trendy and very nice city. But it's also the reason I'm not enthralled with big towns and the congestion and lines that abound.

Getting close to the city limits...