Saturday, March 13, 2010

R&R Along Miller Creek

Friday we decided to sleep in and just hang out at the bus-house. I needed to get a few chores done (clean bugs off the front end, write some journal entries, take a walk) and it felt good to ease off on the exploration for a day.

We do want to get over to Austin for another day during our stay here, but after our experience with the traffic on Thursday and the anticipated congestion relating to a festival of some kind this weekend we decided to re-think our plans. We're now planning to extend our stay here by one day and return to Austin on Monday to see the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum and, perhaps a pub-crawl along 6th Street, and who knows what else we may find to do. With the preferred open day prior to a move, we'll be heading toward the panhandle again on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. It looks like the weather will be better on Wednesday too.

In the interim, we have a couple closer explorations to do here in the Hill Country of Texas during the coming weekend.

But, of course, those plans can change too.

Hope you'll have a great weekend.