Virus Tales

Dar is recovering nicely from her bout with the Sandollar cold virus. Probably due to the unusually cold and damp winter down here, almost everyone in the park has had it... and some have had some trouble getting rid of it. 

But while Dar is much improved it's now my turn. This past Saturday I could tell I wasn't feeling quite right and by Sunday I was slipping downhill fast. The low-point was about Tuesday, when I made sure Dar knew all the passwords and I started going through the yellow pages for discount funeral homes.

Feeling poorly like this presents a dilemma... at least for me. On the one hand I don't like to feel lousy from the effects of the cold. But on the other hand, I don't like to feel lousy from the effects of the cold medication, which makes me feel "spacey" and "weird" and "stupid". So I usually prefer to under-medicate and just let nature take it's course. Either way, it's about a week before the whole mess has run it's course and things get somewhat back to normal.

If I had to get it, the timing will probably work out OK. Hopefully, by the time we leave Sandollar next week, I'll be back to full strength explorer mode.

Recovering in Rockport


Slightly Better than Most