Morning Thunderstorms

The NOAA weather radio alarm went of this morning about 5am, waking me from a deep sleep. That thing could wake the dead. There's NO ignoring it.

Lightning was visible to the southwest, so I hopped on the computer to see what the radar looked like. There was a thin line of strong thunderstorms coming our way... no possibility of avoiding it. The predictions of strong damaging winds (70mph), hail (quarter size), and heavy rains prompted the safety director to order all slides brought in and to rig for rough weather. "Aye Aye, Sir!" With preparations made, we made coffee and waited for the show to start.

We did have some small hail, but the wind and rain were not as heavy as the worst predictions. It was all over quickly and the forecast now is for a string of several nice days. The strong winds of the past few days are supposed to lighten up too.

With all that behind us, and since I was already up, I threw a couple eggs on the griddle and enjoyed the morning. Dar nodded back to sleep.

So, we survived our first Oklahoma thunderstorm! But this is rough and tumble Oklahoma...  where anything can happen at any time... and usually does.



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