A Slow Wednesday

Things were pretty slow around the bus-house today. The weather has been mostly cloudy and we've had a few drops of rain. It was a good day to stay inside and get some work done.

Now, by "work" I mean being productive in some loose way. So to me, work includes writing and making changes to our website and the online journal, email correspondence, reading, planning, paying bills, backing up computers, tracking expenses... you get the idea. However there's no amount of justification that can turn "watching television" into work... at least in my book. And the TV wasn't on at all so far today... that may change tonight however.

Dar has her head buried in the computer again, working on family tree and genealogy research. When she really gets going she doesn't stop for lunch or much else for that matter. It's almost an obsession... but I stop short of using that term. If I did she'd have some comments about my time on the PC too -- mean, retaliatory comments that could be colorful and pointed and hurtful. So I will not say that she's obsessed with her family tree. Get it??

It looks like tomorrow, Thursday, will be the day we're going over to Lincoln. We made contact with Ben (my nephew) and we'll see them after we visit the Capitol. It'll be good to see them again.

And on the pollen/allergy topic -- things seem to have eased somewhat today. Any relief is welcomed.

Enjoying life at my pace...


Slightly Better than Most