Blog Together Again

Some readers may remember that I switched from Yahoo! to Blogger for my blog-host about a year ago. At that time I was able to, one-by-one, copy the posts from the first few months of 2009 to Blogger so I'd have all of 2009 (and beyond) in one place. I also created a link to the pre-2009 posts that still pointed to the old blog on Yahoo!... a workable but inconvenient situation that left The RV Sabbatical Journal divided.

But one of my projects that bubbled to the top of "the list" recently was to unify the Journal in one place -- to migrate all the old posts to the new blog. I probably spent more time finding a "quick" way to do it than if I had just copied and pasted one post at a time. But in the past few days my efforts have succeeded and we now have the Journal re-united again. You you check out the archives of my previous posts over there in the sidebar, you'll see 2007 and 2008 are now available here. With no need any longer to link to the previous "old" blog, I'll be removing the link to it in the next few days.

My motivation for doing all this is the online service called Blog2Print [] that I found a couple months ago. It gives bloggers the tools to create a book from their blog. They format the book directly from the online blog, re-organize it so it's in chronological order (instead of blog order), provide some tools to add photos and other pages, print it and bind it all together into a book. It's not cheap, but I like the idea of having The RV Sabbatical Journal on paper and in chronological order --  something that might be more permanent than the electronic version floating out there in cyber-space, and be more enjoyable for us to peruse when we're re-living those memories of our travels.


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