Good Warm Weather

It's been over a week since I posted an entry to the Journal... time for a quick update.

Being in Wisconsin and close to family and friends means we're almost always busy with something. In the past week we've worked on a couple plumbing projects at Mom & Dad's house, continued the trimming and clean-up of some back areas out at the farm, attended my niece's wedding, had a family portrait taken, enjoyed the weekly "Thursday night on the deck" (TNOD) get-together with Jan & Dave (and whoever else we can get to show up), and other things that just aren't jumping to mind right now.

A few days ago I awoke before sunrise and found the nearby marsh blanketed with ground fog. I grabbed the camera and hustled out for a little photo-shoot. Some of those images are included in this post.

During the last week we've had some warm -- almost hot -- summer-like weather. Temps made it into the low 90f's a couple days and the dew point was in the "uncomfortable" range, near 70f. I tried not to complain and find some enjoyment in it all... complaining has NO constructive purpose when your dealing with natural phenomena. Besides, most of the early months of this year were spent bundling up and trying to stay warm. So complaining about warmth now seems silly.

Whether it's a person's "hard-wired" nature or there's an element of choice in the matter, it seems to me that most people are either happy or not-happy, positive or negative. And as people age it also seems to me their position on this "happy-grumpy" continuum migrates a little toward the extreme. In other words, if you've been a basically happy person during your life you'll likely be even more happy as you age. For others who have been mostly unhappy during their lives... well, as they age they become even more strident in their unhappiness and negativity, and they're not much fun to be around. To the extent that there's choice in this matter, I really want to be on the happy, positive side of things, and consciously try to remind myself that complaining about things like the weather can become a habit, if I allow it. And once someone slips over to the "dark-side", it's almost impossible to bring them back.

Today I'll be changing the oil on our toad (Ford Focus), the first time doing it myself with this car. If it goes as well as I hope, I might even treat the filthy thing to a bath too.



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