Work Work Work

Yes, we're still around -- but have been busy as bees in Spring the past few days. Doctor and dentist appointments, working on the RV pad here at the farm, running the bus-house into town for a fluid exchange, completely washing the exterior of the bus-house (she's lookin' good now!), cutting down a few trees and continuing our "sprucin' up" of the farm yard... and more that isn't jumping to mind right now. If I worked out like this on a regular basis I'd be one fine physical specimen.

We're making a run into Madison today. My Dad has a doctors appointment so Mom, Dar, and I will hunt down lunch someplace and work in a little shopping. We love Trader Joes and make it a point to stop whenever we're close to one... which isn't all that often.

When we return, I've got to get up on the roof with a tube of sealant and finish repairing a few small joints where the factory applied silicone has cracked -- noticed them while scrubbing the camper the other day. Hmmm... three years, huh? The roof has been leak-free since we took delivery and I want to keep it that way. Of course, the rain in the forecast for tomorrow is providing motivation to get it done tonight.


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