Woodpecker Alarm

I've been occupying my time trying to chip away at "the list", but progress has been slow. We've got the RV pad at the farm ready to use and moving day will probably be Tuesday. We'll run into town for a quick fluid exchange and wash the exterior of the bus-house prior to backing onto the pad -- all of which will make for a long day.

Yesterday Dar and I went to work on the basement -- those storage "bays" under the floor of the bus-house.  From the very beginning of our journey they were a mystery to me. When they're empty they appear enormous. But when you load 'em up they seem to shrink -- quickly. And the old addage that your stuff expands to fill the available space is also true. At least once each year, hopefully on a warm calm sunny day, we pull everything out, clean the space, inspect under the floor for signs of problems (stowaways, mechanical and structural things, etc.), critically go through all the stuff and cull those things not used, re-pack boxes and bins, and re-load it all. At the end of the process, if we're still on speaking terms, we celebrate the lightening of the load and the efficient, logical, organization of it all. The process can be stressful but it's necessary to keep creeping possession-ism in check. I'm always amazed that there are couples living fulltime in much smaller campers -- and they somehow make it work.

The past few days I've been awakened by a woodpecker having breakfast on the tree next to our camper. Because nights have been warmer lately, I've had my window open (ah, fresh air!). Most sounds from the outdoors are like white noise to me -- they lull me to sleep. But a busy woodpecker is like an alarm clock, and this guy is certainly busy.

Wondering if he's got a "snooze bar"...


dshymas said…
If you tap him on the head just right he might be quite for 10 mins ;^)
Thom Hoch said…
Funny... Dar taps me on the head occasionally... with the same effect.

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