Another Walmart Overnight

Just a short update on our progress today: The rain stopped in Charlotte about 11am and we were on the road before noon. The skies remained cloudy for most of the drive but I didn't have to use the wipers until just before we got to Tawas City about 4:30pm --  and that was only a brief light shower and the sun was back out again.

Tawas City is right on the Lake Huron shore, about an hour north of the Bay City/Saginaw area. We stopped at the Walmart for provisions and, since they had a big level parking lot, we decided to save a couple bucks and spend the night. It's right along US-23, the shoreline drive, and we have a great view of the Lake from our impromptu campsite to boot.

Tomorrow we'll continue the drive northward and toward the big bridge over the Mackinac Straits. After crossing we'll be looking for a camp in the St. Ignace area where we think we'll spend a couple days exploring.


Paul Weaver said… your new header (picture of you and Dar). I actually like your entire new format...very "clean" looking.

We like it so much, we are considering something similar for our blog in the future.

Enjoy the UP. Check and see if the antique boat show is going on this weekend in Hessel (just northeast of the bridge)'ll enjoy it! May want to checkout the Soo Locks too! I fished near the bridge for Salmon for 30 years...had a great time!

Safe travels!
Thom Hoch said…
Thanks pweaver. We appreciate the comment on the blog and the recommendations for the UP.

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