Rain Delay

This morning we're still in Charlotte, taking advantage of the free 50amp hookup at Camp Spartan. The weather front that's been draped over the area for the past week or so is supposed to be finally heading south today, taking the heat and humidity with it. We're watching one last blob of rain on the radar and will wait for it to clear before heading out a little later this morning.

Spartan finished with our service work yesterday, although they had to work later than normal after their 44 point safety inspection found a couple problems that we hadn't known about. The one I'm really glad they found was a leaking seal on the front right wheel bearing that if it continued would have dripped bearing oil onto the brakes causing a much larger expense for a brake job. Let me tell you, a brake job on a big diesel pusher bus-house ain't a $69.95 deal.

While the bus-house was in for service, Dar and I made a quick trip up to Lansing to visit the Michigan State Capitol. After we get the photos organized and culled through I'll do a separate post on that exploration later.

Our plan today is to head north and work our way over to the east coast of Michigan -- the Lake Huron shoreline. It looks like much of the road along this route is hard against the shore and we're looking forward to exploring a part of Michigan we haven't seen before. If things go as we hope we'll make it about half-way to the Mackinac Bridge today.

It's 10am EDT right now and the radar suggests that we might be able to get out of here by Noon.


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