Camp Newmar

This morning Dar and I had breakfast out with Cher and Jack at Theo & Stacy's, a small Kalamazoo restaurant with some very reasonable prices. A western omelet (my benchmark item) and all the usual accompaniments for $5.50 is a real find. I've seen it elsewhere for $7 or $8 bucks lately. I won't pay that for breakfast ("how much for two eggs, toast, and coffee??") And quality was good too even though breakfast is the easiest meal to get right, in my humble opinion.

After breakfast I said my good-byes to Cher and Jack since I may not see them again until next year. We have a service appointment for the bus-house at the Newmar factory in Nappanee IN. for tomorrow, Wednesday, and I had to get the bus-house moved down to Camp Newmar today. Dar decided to stay behind in K-zoo with her sister to hopefully make a little of the promised progress on reducing the volume of stuff in Cher's basement. Depending on how long the Newmar visit will take Dar will catch up with me no later than Friday in Charlotte, MI, where we have another service appointment... this time with Spartan for a little PM on the chassis systems. I took a chance scheduling these two with just one day between and hope I'll be able to flee Newmar no later than noon on Thursday so I can scoot up to Spartan in Charlotte. In this case, hope is my strategy.

It was an easy drive down to Nappanee from K-zoo today. Overcast skies kept the sun from warming things up too much and the chance of rain never materialized... at least to this point. K-zoo to Nappanee is only 88 miles. Thursday's run from Nappanee to Charlotte MI. will be only about 120. And K-zoo is only about 60 from Charlotte. So it's all pretty close and convenient.

I'm at Newmar to have them adjust and check the slide-outs on the bus-house. Newmar is known as one of the originators of these devices and have designed a very robust system. When the slide is retracted, it moves slowly inward until it reaches it's stops and can't close any further. At that point, a signal is supposed to be sent to a pair of automatic locking arms which then mechanically lock the slide tightly to the exterior wall. Our problem is that we have one pair of locking arms that function intermittently. Really want that fixed.

Newmar service techs are noted for their early starts. My guy, a fellow named Devon (has been with Newmar for 40!! years!) has already been briefed on what I want done and said he'll be at my site to run the bus-house into their shop at 6:00am (!!!). Considering this, it's a good thing Dar's not here or they'd be working on the slides with her in bed... bed slides in... Dar's sleeping... bed slides out... Dar's still sleeping.

Hey, what's for dinner tonight??


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