South Haven on the Lake

On Friday the four of us, Jack, Cher, Dar, and old what's-his-name, headed over to South Haven on Lake Michigan. It's a quiet and quaint little harbor town about 40 miles west of Kalamazoo -- well, at least it used to be. For the last few years it's been discovered by the good people of the Chicago Metroplex and, well, that's the end of quaint and quiet. For many, Friday is part of the weekend during summer, and that's the way it felt in South Haven. Restaurants were busy and lots of people around.

We enjoy visiting with our K-zoo family and our visits here give Dar a chance to visit all the stuff she has in storage in Cher's basement. Part of the plan this year was for Dar to go through some of it with the goal of reducing the volume a little. After three years surely there's some that has lost it's importance to us and can be donated or sold or tossed into the landfill. I'm hopeful, but so far visiting and looking through old photos is taking precedence over culling through old stuff.

In the morning, often, while I sip coffee and get the brain engaged for the day, I'll read through online blogs of others who are living unconventionally. One of these, Our Odyssey, is done by a couple that lives fulltime in a converted Neoplan Spaceliner tour bus -- it's really quite a rig. I admire these guys because they're often pushing the envelope of what a big ol' bus like this can do and where it can go. This post [Change of Plans] describes their difficulty in trying to get on the Dorena - Hickman Ferry across the Mississippi River. If you're short on time skip down to the paragraph that starts with "We have a love-hate relationship with ferries..." and read the next few paragraphs. These folks seem to thrive on getting into, and then out of, trouble. Nice job Sean and Louise... and a really interesting couple paragraphs.

I've added a couple new things to our photos and videos pages. Check them out if you have a chance. Dar's way behind with our online photo albums and will be working hard at getting caught up once we're away from family and traveling again.


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