Short Update

Just a short (and I mean "short") update, as it's been 5 full days since my last. We've had a full day today and I'm tired and I'm going to bed and I'm going to get some good sleep in just a few moments.

We're currently at Federal Dam, MN. at a Corps of Engineers campground on Leech Lake. After leaving Camp Soldner on Tuesday,  and spending a quick overnight at the Bad River Casino in Odanah, WI., we rendezvoused with a couple of good friends and ex-neighbors from Burnsville, MN., Jim and Sue, on Wednesday, yesterday. While Jim and Sue are only here at the campground for two nights, Dar and I have decided to extend our stay at least through the weekend.

Everything is running fine and we're getting along fine. We have had spotty cell phone and internet service as we trudged our way across the northland, and a little rainy weather to deal with too. But I'll write more in the next day or two and get the Journal completely up-to-date.

Here's a photo of Sue, Jim, and Dar during a picnic lunch on Leech Lake today.

And thanks so much to those of you who sent good wishes for our anniversary today. How many years has it been???

Socks are off and I'm counting like crazy...


Paul Weaver said…

Your blog is it everyday!
Happy Anniversary to you...and us! Tied the knot Aug 20, 1977. Even put a pic of our wedding photo on our blog today...check it out.

Keep up the good blogging, we enjoy your writing and your perspective on things!
Thom Hoch said…
Thanks Paul and Marti... and Happy Anniversary to you too.

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