Cat In the Trash

The other night, oh, probably about 10pm or so, Dar asked if I'd take the trash out to the dumpster... you know... didn't want to wake to a smelly trash can the next morning and all that.

"Sure", I said, don't mind a short walk at all... a chance to stretch my legs a bit before bed. So off I went, into the dark, on the trail to the local dumpster a couple hundred yards away.

The RV park is dimly lit... millions of stars overhead but no moon... and it's quiet... very quiet. I know, having been here other nights for the same purpose, where the dumpster is located... off in a dark, out-of-the-way corner of the park.

As I drew close I could make out that one of the two big plastic dumpster covers was open... making the job of depositing my bag O' trash a simple matter of flinging it skyward, in a big lobbing arc, into the deepest recesses of the big receptacle.

And, as I did so, with great accuracy I might add, there was an unexpected, loud, and very ear-shattering YEEOWWW... and as quickly as the trash bag arced in and found it's target, a cat... no, a big black cat... an immensely huge feline... probably a bob cat or a mountain lion... let out this blood-curdling scream and leaped out on a similar and immediate reverse arcing path... completing a trash/cat round-trip in less than a second. Bag in... Cat out... that fast.

I am happy to report my sphincter muscles still have the same quickness and zip they had in my youth. Although startled... a bit shocked... heart skipped a few beats while it decided whether this was the end or not... and very wide-eyed, I did survive this attack by a viscous, rabid, jaguar!

But I'll tell you this... it'll be a while before I'm so eager to take the trash for another late night walk.



dshymas said…
thanks... I needed that.

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