Flow Keeps us in Fernley Another Day

Just a short post to say that we're still in Fernley tonight. Plans changed.

As we were getting underway this morning, I noticed a puddle of what turned out to be engine coolant on the pavement under the rear end of the bus-house. Just like the human body, most of the bus-house's vital fluids are supposed to be sealed and contained within the systems they're designed for... and not spilling out willy-nilly on the ground. A check with the Safety Director confirmed this. OK, we've got a problem and we're not going anywhere until this is resolved.

After a few phone calls, inquiries, and conversations with RV park staff, we found a mobile diesel mechanic who could be over in two hours (ain't small towns great!). The nice thing about talking with locals is that they can provide the inside scoop on people or businesses like this... relay the experiences others have had... thumbs-up or thumbs-down. And this guy came with the highest recommendations.

At the appointed hour, George showed up as promised in his well equipped mobile service truck. He wasted no time crawling under the bus-house and looking over the situation. He found a bundle of heater hoses, tees, and clamps in what appeared to be the problem area. Closer inspection revealed that the clamps that held the hoses to the tees were loose... some of them very loose. I can't explain why, but they were loose... and I can't explain why they decided that today was the day to start leaking big time. Regardless, George cleaned up the area, opened the bundle (which had been zip-tied together), and tightened each of the six clamps. We then ran the diesel until it was hot so he could examine the area again and declare the problem solved. We really won't know for sure until we start up again in the morning... but there's high confidence that we've licked this one.

Considering the "flow" of the day (pun very much intended), we decided to just extend our stay here by one night and attempt launching again tomorrow, Friday, morning. These things happen once in a while... why even the Space Shuttle is regularily delayed by a leaking this or a faulty that.

In case anyone has need of a diesel mechanic in the Fernley area, call George Dickerson of Dickerson's Mobile Truck Repair (775.575.7277). A hard worker and great mechanic at a fair price.

T minus 14 hours and counting -- launch sequence has been re-started...


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