Mundane Monday Musings

I'll tell you what... it'll be good to have my travel partner back tomorrow evening. There are times when I look forward to a little solitude, a little time to myself.  But I've had my fill the past few days. In a recent post to this journal, just after Dar left last Thursday, I think I alluded to the many solo travelers and wanderers that are out there... seeing the country... and that I may be getting a glimpse into that lifestyle status. I can see why they find ways to connect with others on a regular basis. Whether they're caravaning in small groups, attending solo group rallys and get-togethers, or connecting up in the virtual world through blogs or other social networking tools... we all need to be in touch with others from time to time. I'd have to become much more extroverted if I ever needed to carry on by myself. Hurry back Dar!

Part of my weariness with the past few days is probably due to the tasks I've been putting off... and then decided I need to get done while I was alone. Among these was backing up about 2 years worth of photos and getting them off-site (out of the bus-house) for safe keeping. The recent tragedy of our friends in Rockport really sparked me into action on this one. I now have a backup routine that's not perfect... doesn't protect us 100%... but it minimizes what we could loose to, at most, a few weeks of photos. Of the other important computer files the most we could loose is a few days of updates. I don't want to bore you dear readers with the specifics. But if you'd like to know what I do, I'll be happy to reply to e-mail inquiries on the subject. And maybe I can learn something from you.

We have three laptop PCs on board and I used some of my "solitude" to clean them up, perform updates, etc. Windows PCs are always in need of updates for one thing or another... it's a never ending task. Others tell me I should move to an Apple Mac. Besides the $$$, I'm a little concerned about the learning curve and jumping through hoops to get everything working on a different platform. One program I use almost every day is a text editor that I've used for just shy of 100 years... and there's NOT a Mac version. Hmmm. No, I think we'll be Windows-Wanderers for a while yet.

For a break, I took a couple drives to explore the edges of the Pahrump Valley over the weekend. Most of the roads I found, up high... close to the mountains... had me pining for a Jeep or a half-track. Apparently asphalt is in short supply around here...or it could be there's no money to pay for a little asphalt??. Either way, the roads kept me from going too far with our low-clearance Hocus-Focus.

Tomorrow there's a bunch of domestic chores on the agenda and the place will be gleaming by the time Dar walks in tomorrow night. Who knows, I may even make the bed.!?



I use Carbonite automatic online backup on my two (of four) computers, the ones with the important info and pictures on them.

Runs about $5/month per computer and automatically backs up all my files every time I log on to the Internet. I have used the retore file function twice now after computer porblems and it worked perfectly.
Joe and Tracey said…
On going solo, I recall a TV character once saying, "I wanted to be along with my thoughts. Turns out I didn't have as many thoughts as I thought I would."

By the way, I enjoyed the Parable you posted yesterday. I, too, am given to periodic pondering, including whether one needs a "purpose" or should one "just be." Sounds like we'll probably get there ("there" being perhaps the topic of another parable) either way.

Joe and Tracey said…
quote in first line above should have read "I wanted to be ALONE with my thoughts." :)

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