Desert Days

Reading and soaking up sun. (and yes,
I'm reading on my Kindle.)
We're still here at Tranquility Base... in the desert outside Quartzsite. And the attached photo pretty much sums up what we've been doing the past few days. It even seems we've taken a break from exploring (gasp!), although we may try to jump-start that aspect of our life this afternoon when we're planning to head toward the town of Bouse, about 20 miles to the northeast... to see what's up that'a way.

Clouds of stars fill the night sky out here. And what's that large glowing ball of light on the horizon to the east? Could it be the lights of the Phoenix metroplex... a full 100 miles away? Studying my Arizona map, I think it almost has to be.

I never grow tired of watching the night sky-show or campfires... and we're getting a good dose of both almost every night lately. We found a good source for firewood in Q to feed our need for evening atmosphere and warmth. The BLM says NO cutting, collecting, or burning ANY wood on public lands, including dead and down stuff... which makes sense, I suppose, with so many campers out here during the busy Winter season. Anything growing out here struggles enough to stay alive without having to also deal with chainsaw wielding campers.

Tonight, Saturday night, Dar's dragging me into town to see the 8th annual Q Christmas Parade. There's an open invitation for anyone with anything to join in which ought to make it interesting to say the least (remember, we're in Q!). And NO, we're not lighting up the camper and joining in the parade... although I'm sure there'll be plenty who do.

We're trending toward leaving here on Sunday, tomorrow... although that will remain only a probability until we have the wheels actually turning. Next stop will be somewhere in the Yuma area.

Have a good weekend everyone...


Julianne Crane said…
Thom and Dar ... catching up on your travels ... saw where you purchased a Kindle ... Jimmy finally ordered one ... it got sidetracked along the way for a few days, so it is waiting for him when we get back to our mail drop in a couple weeks. We're still in Sebring, FL working on Habitat build ... bodies are sore. You can catch up with us on
Hope our routes cross soon.

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