Life at Lost Alaskan

The past few nights the low temps here in Alpine Texas have been in the low 20's, which feels more Alaskan than Texan... in my humble opinion. Sure, we're in West Texas and just a few miles from where, in January of 2008, we experienced our record low temp since starting the Sabbatical. But we've been fortunate with weather so far this fall and winter... maybe a little spoiled as a result.

Our Christmas was very nice. The RV Park sponsored a Mexican-themed Christmas pot-luck luncheon where we enjoyed chatting with other RVers in travel-mode during the holidays... and sampling the wide array and quantity of food. Later in the afternoon we made calls to family, including something new-to-us -- Skype video calls with our son and daughter-in-law, and our daughter, son-in-law, and the two grandkids. The advantage of an audio and video connection is priceless when grandkids are growing so fast.

Today we're vegging a little, listening to a couple football games, and getting ready for leaving Alpine tomorrow. Later, we're going to have dinner with Judi and Len, another fulltiming couple we me at the Christmas luncheon yesterday.

Tomorrow, our plan is to make it to the Seminole Canyon area, just a few miles northwest of Del Rio. We camped there back in 2008, but I came down with a bug and couldn't complete one of the hikes we were looking forward to. Perhaps this visit will take care of that.

It's downhill from here...


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