Seminole Canyon - The Sequel

Since leaving the Tucson area almost two weeks ago, we've been living around 4,000 and 5,000 feet of elevation as we moved through southeastern Arizona, southern New Mexico, and into West Texas. Alpine, which we said "adios" to this morning, is 4,500 feet. This is "high country" and during the winter, high country is often cold -- especially at night.

But we're rolling downhill now.. toward the warmer and more humid Gulf Coast. After a pleasant 166 mile run today, we decided to use our Texas State Parks pass and a "buy one - get one at half price" camping deal at Seminole Canyon State Park, near the confluence of the Pecos and  Rio Grande Rivers, and about 40 miles northwest of Del Rio, TX. I mean, how can we go wrong?.. the average for our two nights here will be about $12 per night which includes water at the site and a little electicity to help us stay warm. The elevation here is about 1,400 feet, but during the next week we'll loose almost all of that too, as our Winter Camp in Rockport is just a few feet above sea level.

We'll be at Seminole Canyon for two nights and tomorrow we'd like to hike the 6 mile Rio Grande River Trail. The last time we were here, in January of 2008, I came down with a virus or bug of some kind and spent my hiking day in bed. We have no Verizon cellphone service here, but the Park provides wifi and a good internet connection at no cost.

And I must remember to thank Len and Judi for a great dinner and stimulating conversation lubricated with adequate quantities of passable wine (some provided by us), during our last evening at Lost Alaskan in Alpine. We don't get many invitations to a sit-down-all-at-the-same-table dinner in this lifestyle, so we really enjoyed the event. Thanks you two for a wonderful time... and we hope you'll find I was wrong about El Paso.

Knocking the desert dust off my hiking boots...


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