Monday, January 10, 2011

First Week in Rockport

We've been at Sandollar Resort near Rockport for almost a week now, and that week has gone by quickly. The weather has been, I believe, rather typical for the Texas coast -- which is to say it's been changeable. Those who demand a winter of bright sun, warmth, cloudless skies, and light tropical breezes should probably book passage to the south sea islands instead of Texas. During the past week we've had highs in the 60's, lows in the 40's, a lot of clouds, a big thunderstorm in the early hours of Sunday (complete with reports of a small tornado just a few miles away)... and just enough sun to keep cabin fever at bay. But I'm not sure that will be the case this next week as we're expecting even more clouds, more rain, and much cooler than normal temps... which is still OK by me. Any way you look at it, even highs in the 40's are more tolerable than the deep winter sub-zero readings up on the Wisconsin-Minnesota icepack.

The local hospital wasted no time getting Dar back into the medical melee. In our first 7 days here, she'll have clocked more than full-time hours as the hospital beds are full and the staffing light. She takes solace in the fact that this is a short-term gig... only three months. But she also enjoys helping others and making a real contribution to their health and well-being. Those three months should go by quickly.

I've taken on more of the domestic chores around here and am learning how to do laundry correctly. Years ago I messed up and sort of threw everything in the machine at the same time... whites, reds, darks, lights... and it all came out looking sort'a pink-ish. And since that time Dar hasn't let me near a washing machine. (insert happy face here)  I mean, it is a really complicated thing... keeping colors separate; the right amount of soap to add; managing load size; selecting the right settings on the machine... why it's just so darn difficult to get right... so hard to keep it all straight.

But, Dar has taken on the project of helping me with this shortcoming. (insert sad face here)  Of course, we're taking it one step at a time -- not expecting too much too early. A couple days ago, I successfully did a load of towels. And then it was a load of jeans. She calls it progress. I call it a step backward.

Wondering which load this new red sweatshirt should be in (insert sly devil face here)...