Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rockport Musings

The weather this week certainly didn't disappoint anyone who likes it dreary, cold, and wet. No sir... the electric meters here at Sandollar Resort are all spinning like tops and the propane delivery crew has been pulling overtime for sure. I'm writing this weather stuff into the Journal as a record... not to elicit sympathy. I'm well aware that as crummy as it's been here, it's still far better than most of the rest of the lower 48.

And the propane guys aren't the only ones with bigger paychecks these days. Dar's been working hard at the hospital and putting in more hours than she signed up for. I think they were testing her stamina the first couple weeks (almost 70 hours in 7 calendar days) as it looks like her schedule relaxes some for the next couple. Maybe it was some kind of initiation ritual? She's doing fine... still has the spunk and stamina of a 25 year old.

The weather has kept most of our fellow Sandollar denizens inside their fiberglass boxes this week... huddled around heaters and TVs. In the old days, TVs put out much more heat than the new ones... remember vacuum tubes... the ever-present TV repair guy... vertical hold? New electronics work cooly and flawlessly... until they don't. And then you just throw them into the landfill and buy a new one. That's what you call progress Bunkie. Oh, and vertical hold??  These days I've heard they've got a little blue pill for that.

As I write this, rain is pouring down and I'm thinking about space. Not the space above where the shuttle and space station fly, but the space we have inside the RV. As much as I long for a smaller RV in order to explore more remote and primitive areas, I do like the amount of space we have when we're confined to quarters on days like this. I wonder how we'd do with a lot less space... if we'd let it bother us or if we'd adapt. I'd like to think the latter.