Bottoms Up!

Noon:  I'm sitting here this Father's Day with my jug of Gatorade, my lunch of lime jello and orange popsicles, and contemplating the trauma a certain lower part of my body is scheduled to undergo about 24 hours from now. Yes, it's colonoscopy time and I can say, only slightly tongue-in-cheek (I hope that lump on my cheek is my tongue and not the probe!), that I'll be glad when this whole thing is behind me.

Of course family and friends are making light of it all... easily spewing comments at my expense about "getting to the bottom of the situation", how incredibly long the probe actually is, that "most people" make it through just fine (most??), "gotta go!", and others that have faded from memory as a result of severe starvation.

I'll tell you what... there's going to be a big ol' hamburger for dinner tomorrow night! I think that's enough on that subject for now.

We've been getting along OK since my last post. Last week we loaded up the bikes and rode the "Wild Goose State Trail"... well, at least about 10 miles of it round trip. I think it was Wednesday. With our recent lack of biking and physical conditioning we thought it'd be wise not to push too far that day... thus the relatively short 10 mile jaunt.

And yesterday we attended the "Taste of Wisconsin" event in downtown Beaver Dam. It's a celebration of "made in Wisconsin" beer and cheese put on as a fund-raiser for the local Chamber of Commerce. We had a great time sampling and hanging out with about 400 fellow Wisconsinites.


6pm update: I'm in that phase of the procedure where I'm supposed to down massive quantities of a liquid designed to "clean things out". If I'm not mistaken, some call this a "dose of the salts". They gave me two choices: a gallon of the cheaper stuff that's quaffed between tonight and tomorrow morning...  or a half-gallon of some other stuff that cost a little more but is half the quantity to swallow. I opted to pay a little more for the half gallon in order to avoid the full gallon bloat.

9pm update: Hungry, cranky, irritable... Time for bed.