Friday, August 26, 2011

On to Wyoming and Escapade

This morning we're hitting the road again on a short 130 mile drive to Gillette, Wyoming and the Escapees Club Escapade. The big event doesn't really start until Sunday afternoon, but we thought we'd get in early and run out to Devils Tower on Saturday. It's also good to relax a little and meet our close-by neighbors before the event and see if I can motivate someone to make me a batch of brownies.

We're not big rally attendees... have only been to two others, both during our first year on the road. And we really don't join many organizations either (wouldn't think of joining an organization that would have me as a member!)  But we do like the Escapees Club and thought the location and timing of the Escapade fit right into our plans this year.

We'll be in Gillette until Friday, September 2nd, at which time "travel mode" will become primary and "exploring mode" secondary... since we have only 8 days to make it to Portland. Gillette is about the half way point on our trek from Wisconsin to Oregon/Washington and it took us 26 days to make it that far. So the 8 days to do the second half is pushing it for us. Might be some Wally-docking or Cracker-docking in our near future.

Since leaving Wisconsin we've tried to stay off the Interstate Highway System and have only been on the super-slab 20 miles by the time we hit Rapid City. But from here, westward, we'll be out there among the semi trucks and fast drivers considerably more... and it may take some doing to adjust to the fast and busy pace.