Oct 12, 2011

Oct 12 -- Back on the Road

187 miles; I-205 to I-5 South; Sutherlin, OR

It was an uneventful, if not a little sad, departure from the Portland area and our Northwest family. Mostly cloudy skies but no rain so the toad was spared an additional coating of road grime. I'm always amazed at the amount of traffic on I-5, but come around once someone (Dar) explains again that this is the main artery between the congested la-la land to the south and the big cities of the Northwest. There's really no alternative for commercial traffic and folks trying to move quickly from point A to point B.

We've snagged a site at SKP Timber Valley until Sunday and plan to spend our time getting back into explorer-mode. Some procrastinated chores need to be done, some QT (solitude) for pondering the future, and a new route planned for the next leg of the journey.

Best memories from the day: Dealing with the mixed emotions of leaving family behind and the excitement of being back on the road; listening to the drone of the diesel motor and the whine of tires on the pavement; the dark green conifers contrasting with the muted yellows and reds of deciduous trees; soaking up the sun and warmth while enjoying, just the two of us, wine and snacks alfresco for the first time in many weeks.

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