Oct 13 -- An SKP Wildlife Sanctuary

Sutherlin, OR

Today, I'm happy to report, we slept in... and then took it real easy the rest of the day. One of those days of solitude with no schedule, no appointments, no responsibilities, no worries. We did take an extensive walk around the park, walking almost every street and checking out every corner, in order to determine whether or not we're going to put our name on the list for a membership and a lot. No decision will be made for a while as there's more investigation to be done.

There's no shortage of wildlife around here though. Browsing deer (hanging around apple trees for the low hangers and falls), huge jack rabbits (that look like they'd eat the tires off your car overnight), quail of some kind, turkeys, and, we've been told by a reliable local source, an occasional mountain lion is spotted. Hmmm... maybe that's why there are fewer little dogs around than we see in most SKP parks.

And I forgot to mention yesterday that our new windshield survived the first drive with only a few minor bug gooshes. My main (irrational) concern was that we'd go around a corner, the bus-house chassis would twist, and the windshield would fall out and smash on the pavement below. Since that didn't happen my confidence that the job was done right is building.

deer-trimmed cedars


Andi Nicole said…
You guys SO should put your names on a spot there! Look!! Bambi and Thumper reside there!!! It MUST be a sign!! :)

Love you guys and miss you tons!!
You're scaring me with those tire eating jack rabbits.

With what tires cost, I'd be sitting out at night with a shootin' iron guarding them wheels.

Glad the windshield stayed put. For what that cost, it had better been put in right.

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