Oct 23 - Downhill to Sacramento

210 miles - CA-44 to I-5 to Sacramento

Leaving our beloved Lassen National Park behind, we drove through the northwest entrance, turned left on CA-44, and headed toward Redding and I-5, about 45 miles down the road. And I do mean "down" the road, as we descended from the 5900 foot elevation of our camp at Lassen to Reddings elevation of a mere 500 feet... a drop of over a full mile. I didn't do the math but I'll bet we got great fuel mileage for those 45 miles.

The amount of traffic on I-5 is amazing... even on a Sunday morning. I know, I know... it's the main north-south road, and all that... but there are just too many people here for what this boy from Wisconsin could possibly consider a high quality life. Just my opinion. In the past I was in favor of some kind of forced relocation program. But I'm now of the opinion that it's better to keep as many of these people right here, piled on top of one another... and away from the few remaining remote and sparsely populated areas of this country that provide solitude to folks like us.

Today's plan was to set up camp at an RV park only three miles from the State Capitol Building in West Sacramento. I won't say much more about Capitol West RV and MH Park, except that there's nothing besides it's location to bring us back. At least we took full advantage of the full hookups to wash and dry a ton of laundry that's been accumulating over the past few weeks.


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