Nov 21 - Desert Mirages

I'm having a problem believing that it's been 3 days since my last update to the Journal. The past few days have been like this: sleep in, satiate hungers and needs for caffeine, look for firewood (can't burn anything found in desert; can't find anyone selling it in Q; Harrumph!), explore locally, visit (found our buddies Fred and Lynne not far away; also writer Brian Gore), work on projects, monitor the power plant on our roof (solar panels), pop corks, toast the setting sun, climb in bed... repeat the next day.

There's something that attracts me to this spot at this time of year. While Q can become a swarm of RVs, flea markets, traffic, and activity in January, during this time of the year it's positively boring. (As I mentioned above... can't even find a bundle of firewood. Apparently the firewood vendors haven't shown up yet.) But, in this case, boring, for me, is the attraction. The solitude recharges my onboard batteries just as the sun is doing the same for the bus-house's.

Locals are saying it seems quieter and slower this year. Usually by this time there are signs of the buildup to all the January madness. But not, apparently, this year... or so they think. I suppose they could be right... or, like many of us old timers, they recall the "good old days" and memories of those glory days become exaggerated, larger than reality, and impossible to recapture.

We're thinking we may stay here through the holiday... have our own "Thanksgiving meal for two" right out here in our solar-powered rustic desert campsite. There are only 4 other campers visible in any direction, and two of those could be desert mirages.

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