Nov 29, 2011

Nov 29 - Escapees North Ranch

Yesterday we made the 110 mile drive from our Plomosa Road camp near Quartzsite to the Escapees North Ranch park between Wickenburg and Congress AZ. The drive was a good one... no incidents and light traffic. When traveling east we generally prefer a late start (about 11am yesterday) to minimize the glare and squinting that accompanies driving into the sun. At the very least, it's a good excuse for sleeping in.

I topped off the two tires I wrote about in the last post and confirmed that the problem with the slow leak in the toad's tire was due to the Pressure Pro sensor. When I swapped the suspect sensor with one on another wheel, the new tire developed the slow leak. Hmmm. You know I'll be talking with my Pressure Pro supplier about this today. I now highly suspect the same issue with the front tire on the bus-house. I'm running without the sensor on that tire for a while to see if the leak stops.

North Ranch is an interesting community. There are about 100 rental RV sites and hundreds more deeded lots. The deeded lots range in size up to a quarter acre, on many of which the owners have built large permanent homes. Even the smaller lots are similar in size to the largest RV park lots we've seen, and can comfortably accommodate a large RV or park model home, a storage building, patio area, landscaped yard, and a parking area. Could North Ranch figure into our plans for a southern home base? Hmmm.

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