Dec 18, 2011

Dec 18 - A Black Hole

Hondo Texas is a mere 45 miles from downtown San Antonio which, to me, means it's not exactly a remote wilderness or frontier out-back. But when it comes to cell phone and internet coverage, a wilderness back-water it is. Verizon has a significant hole in their signal, centered about 5 miles west of Hondo along US-90... almost at the precise location of Lone Star Corral. We had better service in far more remote campsites... near Yosemite, Joshua Tree, even out in the desert north of Quartzsite.

I've been told that if I'd go outside, climb on top the bus-house, hold a metal coat-hanger up in the air with one hand and hold the phone in the other... I may be able to get a short call to go through. I might have to try that later.

The SKP Lone Star Corral park has it's own park-wide wifi service... which costs nothing. And, at least this year so far, we're getting exactly what we're paying... nothing. It worked fine during our stay last year. But so far this year, it's been very spotty... and mostly un-usable. They say they're having a problem with it, and are working on it, but up to this point... well, they're still working on it. I may be able to walk up to the clubhouse and use the wifi in the library... I've heard that's still working.

But the most interesting thing about this whole deal is its effect on me. I've got a bad case of disconnectedness. Don't want to eat, sleep, find myself staring off into space a lot. Oh boy... and we're supposed to be here until after the first of the year.

Will he survive?  Stay tuned for our next episode and find out.

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