Dec 28 - We Found Utopia

Dar, sportin' a new "do", in Utopia.
For all you seekers of perfection, those looking for the ideal place in this world, heaven on earth, Xanadu, Utopia... we've found it. At least that's what the sign says...

That's right, Utopia actually exists and it was right under our noses here in Texas all along. Who'da thunk it? We can now add it to the list of one-of-a-kind places we've been... like Paradise, Tightwad, and Google.

On Tuesday we took a relaxed drive into the Hill Country of Texas. Our camp near Hondo, right along US-90, runs along the southern edge of the Hill Country, so today's exploring was all north of camp, mostly along roads we've not taken before. Bandera, the self-proclaimed "cowboy capital of the world" was one of our destinations and we stopped there for lunch. We stayed in Bandera back in 2009... enjoyed Thanksgiving Dinner at the Pioneer RV Park. For a Tuesday, the town seemed busy... traffic, a crowd at the restaurant... busy.

Portions of our drive took us along the Medina and Sabinal Rivers. Recent rains are probably responsible for there being any water at all in these streams... the big Texas drought of 2010-2011 had pretty much dried them up before this. These rivers are unique in that beautiful big cypress trees line the riverbanks and shade the stream... a symbioic relationship that benefits both trees and stream wildlife alike.

On Thursday, the plan is to spend the day in San Antonio.

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