Apr 14 - Snowy Weather Delay

  • Tonight's camp: Sundance RV Park in Cortez
  • No traveling or exploring today
  • Weather: morning low 45; afternoon high 34 (that's right, 34); cloudy, snow showers
  • Notables:  1. Snow;  2. Only left the bus-house once... to snap a photo or two of the snow; 3. Developed an allergy to snow.
  • Link to today's photo album.

From the weather service for Cortez, CO:
Mostly cloudy with snow and rain, then snow after midnight. Low of 27F with a windchill as low as 19F. Winds from the WSW at 10 to 20 mph. Breezy. Chance of snow 70% with accumulations up to 1 in. possible.
Today was a day of rest and hunkering down against a bit of unsettled weather. Dar has a ton of photos to process and I'm behind on my journal updates. So all the elements came together nicely to provide us this day of working inside the camper and not feeling guilty at all about not being out exploring.

I woke this morning to an itching nose and a building sense that this was going to be one of "those" days... and allergy attack day. After a bit, I started sneezing... strong powerful serial sneezes... like what happens when I stick my head in a bag of dried ragweed back in the Midwest. But what could I be allergic to up here??? at better than 6,000 feet?

I pondered this question while trying to get a few chores done at my desk. Then, a quick glance out the window answered the question. Snow. That's what I'm allergic to up here. And part of that unsettled weather I referred to above is a series of snow showers predicted during the next day or so... in fact it's snowing right now... as I write this.

Snow, for us, seems to go hand-in-hand with Colorado. A few years ago, we were married on a hot humid August day back in the Midwest. Three days later, after driving my VW beetle (with about 3.5 cylinders functioning the way they should) through 100+ degree Omaha heat... we were standing on Loveland Pass throwing snowballs at each other. We pitched the pup tent near Dillion Reservoir and endured 3 or 4 days of cold, rain, and on the last day snow. (But we were in love... right?) I really should have thought to pack something heavier than a T-shirt. Anyway, we finally threw in the towel, (didn't have to smother the campfire... it never really lit right or grew to more than a smoking pile of wet sticks), and headed for the first Holiday Inn we found. We looked so bad you could see them trying to come up with an excuse to send us away. But the gods were shining on us that day... and that shower... that glorious hot long shower... was the best I've ever had.

Yes, we're old hands when it comes to Colorado and snow.

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