Apr 20 - North to Moab

  • Move from Goosenecks State Park to Moab, UT.
  • Route: US-191 north direct into Moab
  • Miles Today:  128
  • Total Spring12 bus-house miles :  1452
  • Total Spring12 toad miles :  558
  • Tonight's camp: Portal RV Park in Moab
  • Weather: morning low 55; afternoon high 85; clear skies, warm
  • Notables:  1. A lot of elevation change today... a high of 7300 feet... a low of 3900 feet (here in Moab)  2. Found Moab a busy and touristy town.  3. Gorgeous rocks everywhere.
  • Link to photo album for today.

Our last night at Goosenecks State Park had the bus-house really rockin'. The wind came up with a vengence about 9pm, rattling and shaking us to sleep. By dawn it was pretty much quiet again. I walked around just after sunrise to snap a few photos in the morning light.

We got rolling by 9:30. With good weather we made decent time on US-191... traffic was light until we neared Moab.  But there was no rush anyway and I'm really trying to slow down and live in the moment... and not get wrapped up in the "hurry up -- get there" attitude that's communicated to me by the driving habits of those so afflicted. I've found a simple mental reminder to live in the now can make a walk to the trash can almost spiritual... a drive from point A to point B a pilgrimage... and a sunrise so much more colorful and stunning than before.

But much of that was lost as we neared Moab. This is one nutty town this time of year. Drawn by it's stunning scenery, it's big National Parks, hundreds of miles of jeep trails and back country, many square miles of open public land, and it's closeness to the poplulation centers of all four four-corners States, it's a near-zoo from March until October. On the weekends, accomodations are often booked, and the search for a solitary hike or bike ride fruitless. People are everywhere. The town is full of jeep rental places, jeep fixing places, jeep parts places, and jeep buying and selling places. The same could be said of all four-wheelers in general... and dirt bikes... and mountain bikes... and ATVs... and OHVs... and off-road pogo sticks... and on and on.

After parking the bus-house, we did stop for lunner at the Moab Brewing Company where I found the beers more tame and pedestrian than we often find in less touristy areas. Is there a connection? The food was good... it was just the heart of the beer that seemed lacking.

Wherever we went, parking lots are full of bikes or cars carrying bikes or pickup trucks loaded with bikes... and so many people in trendy tight biking togs. Don't these people have anything better to do in late April?  How about studying for finals?  How about jobs?  Why aren't the little ones in school? Haven't they heard that these spring and fall weeks are reserved for old retired bastards?

I'm just grumpy tonight.  I'm sure a good nights sleep will improve my perspective.

Sure missing the solitude of the Goosenecks...

Slightly Better than Most