Apr 26 - Well, That Didn't Happen

  • Tonight's camp: Portal RV Park near Moab; elevation 3900 feet
  • No traveling or exploring today
  • Weather: morning low  62f;   high 82f;  morning partly sunny, afternoon mostly cloudy with a good old thunderstorm about 3pm.
  • Notables: Enjoyed watching the thunderstorm as it approached and passed through.
  • No photos for Today

We originally planned to move today, to push a little closer to the Salt Lake City area. But that didn't happen. The weather service was forecasting a chance of rain for a few days in here... with the highest risk being, of course, today...the day we wanted to move. So we decided to go with the flow and extend one more day. I've said this before, (so pardon the repetition)... it's not that we fear driving in the rain or slick roads or anything like that, it's just that wet highways have a way of converting the Ford Focus toad into a grimy, gritty messy toad... with warts and more.. If we can easily avoid rainy days, we do it. There's no rush, so what's the harm?

Instead, we read, wrote, worked on photos, and prepared for leaving Friday. When we do leave Moab tomorrow, we will have been here a full week. And after a week in an area like Moab, it begins to feel like an adopted home town.

It turns out nature wasn't bluffing about the chances for rain today. About 3pm, the skies darkened and the wind came up strong and the rain came down... lightning... thunder. It's been so long since we had a good old-fashioned thunderstorm that we actually enjoyed the whole affair. The chance for rain stays high tonight, but eases off for most of the day tomorrow.  If there are any lingering showers, we're taking off regardless and will do our best to stay between the drops. It's time to start making tracks toward the Northwest and our two munchkin grandkids, who are reportedly growing like weeds right now.

Slightly Better than Most