Apr 3 - A Half-Clean bus-house and a Nap

  • Tonight's camp: SKP Lone Star Corral, Hondo
  • No traveling or exploring today
  • Weather: morning low 70, high 84, humid, clouds with sun breaks, "dry-line" moved in and lowered humidity later in the day
  • Notables: 1. half of a big chore is done... cleaning and waxing the exterior of the bus-house. The other half get's done tomorrow.  2. Even though we were working, it was great to spend some time together outside, on a common chore.  3. The evening was just outstanding... dryer air, no wind, . We dined alfresco at our site while watching the sun set.


It's common knowledge (not necessarily fact, mind you...) that an RV gets a good dose of salt spray while parked, as we were, so close to the Gulf of Mexico. For three months, the bus-house was subjected to an almost continuous SE wind and salt laden humidity and spray. The remedy is to scrub the old rig, top to bottom, once out of harms way... and that's exactly what we did today. Well, at least half of it got done.  The other half will be done tomorrow morning. I find no value in pushing to get something done... if it's possible to put some of it off until tomorrow... or the next day.  It's what's called "Island Time". 

Working outside on hot muggy days can take a lot out of a person. I can understand why many folks in these climes start work very early in the morning and finish before the hottest part of the day. I'm also beginning to understand why so many people take mid-day siestas... naps. I've never been a napper... just couldn't do it. Invariably, on those few occasions when I did fall asleep mid-day, I slept for hours... through dinner... into the night.  Then, of course, I couldn't get back to sleep for my normal nighttime rest.

Well, that's all starting to change. A few times in the last few weeks I've been able to "nod off" for a half hour or so, and wake up refreshed. And today, I did it again. About 2pm, we were both dragging, so we popped into the air conditioned bus-house for a siesta. The drone of the RV air conditioner on the roof provides some soothing white noise that, if it's otherwise quiet, I'm finding a real soporific. ZZZZZZ

Slightly Better than Most