Apr 4 - Bus-house Done... Time for Rest.

  • Tonight's camp: SKP Lone Star Corral, Hondo
  • No traveling or exploring today
  • Weather: morning low... a wonderfully dry 52, high 89, much drier, bright sun all day. 
  • Notables: 1. The bus-house washing and waxing project is now complete. 2. The drier air is absolutely stupendous... we're sleeping like a couple of rocks. 3. Looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow.


We've got one of those wireless weather things that projects the time and temperature on the bedroom ceiling all night long. Stirred about 4am... and, as I pulled the comforter up to my chin, saw the outside temp was 54. Haven't seen a temp like that for weeks and weeks... or at least that's the way it seems. Great sleeping weather.

Finished the bus-house wash/wax project this afternoon. And we're bushed! So glad this only happens a couple times per year. And it's not just the size that makes it such a big project, it's all the awnings, slides, and stuff you have to work around. And today, the dry air and heat really made it a challenge working with the "waterless" cleaner we're using.

We did take an hour or so to drive into Hondo to resupply the larder. When we leave here (probably Friday), we're heading west and north.  If you look at a map of Texas you'd find there's not a lot out that way. So before heading out toward the high-country, we thought it prudent to have a good supply of the 4 basic food groups: fat (peanut butter), sugar (the ever-important snacks), caffeine (coffee... our beloved coffee), and alcohol (a medically approved relaxant). OK... only partially true... we did get some other things... green leafy vegetables... whole grain white bread... and other things that help build strong bones 12 ways.

Slightly Better than Most