Aug 28 - Alone... And I don't like it

On Sunday we pulled up stakes at the farm in Beaver Dam and, despite a steady slow rain, headed off for Kalamazoo. My distaste for driving in the rain (the toad becomes a filthy mud-ball) is exceeded only by my aversion to all things Big City (traffic congestion, haste, hustle, and way too many people)... and this trip was going to be done on Sunday come hell or high water. Getting to Kzoo requires driving through the Chicago Metroplex, and I really prefer enduring that gauntlet on a Sunday morning when traffic is marginally lighter than the usual gridlock. So the attraction of a sunny travel day on Monday had no effect on us in this case.

We left at 8am CDT and made our destination about 4pm EDT with 362 miles on the GPS. For us, this is a long day. We set up camp at our usual place in Kzoo, Markin Glen County Park, and enjoyed an evening with Dar's Sister and BIL.

Monday morning we spent a few hours in Dar's Sister's basement... starting to go through the much larger than remembered pile of stuff we left behind 5 years ago. What a job this is going to be. About Noon I was able to escape... to take the bus-house over to Spartan Chassis in Charlotte Michigan.

Spartan is just an hour away from Kzoo, so by 2:30p I was there and parked.  By 3:30p I had the paperwork wrapped up with the Service Manager, and it was time to set up a chair in the shade, open an "arrival ale", and get my nose in a book. Kinda nice, really.

But the solitude and personal time grew old as the afternoon lapsed to evening. I was missing my travel partner. I've had this thought before, but I think I'd have a real problem adjusting to solo travel if I ever lost my partner. Shared experience is a key element of our Sabbatical project.

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