Oct 22 - A Huge Personal Dilemma

Early voting in Wisconsin starts tomorrow and I'm facing a huge personal dilemma. Do I vote or not?

Consider the puppets we refer to as our Presidential candidates. Both of them are lying to us. They're both saying whatever their organizations calculate will produce the most votes and the best chance of winning. They are NOT saying what they'll actually do, what they actually believe, or which power groups are controlling them. It's really a sham. I have no way to determine which of them is the bigger liar. And the same goes for the Senate race here in Wisconsin. Liars all.

If I vote, I'll be buying into the game devised by those pulling the strings on these characters. I'll become a supporting cast member of the fictional play they've scripted in the name of democracy and the founding principles of this nation. Sounds good but it's all a sham. And it just doesn't feel right.

If I don't vote, I'm a bum in the eyes of many who believe voting for the lesser liar is better than not voting at all. That doesn't feel right either, especially when I can't determine who's the lesser liar.

I could vote by writing in the name of someone I respect. But the reality is that this just becomes background noise to those in power, and has the same effect as not voting at all.

In the end, it won't matter either way, as the ones pulling the strings are in control of both candidates. The ones pulling the strings have crafted this fiction to keep the population divided. Regardless of who wins, we'll still be involved in meaningless wars in the Middle East, concentration of income and wealth at the top will continue to increase, the old middle class will be on the hook for continued deficit spending for as far into the future as we can see. And most people won't give a rat's ass as long as there's a little food on the table, a roof over their heads, and their cable TV is still connected.

What do I do?

Slightly Better than Most