Nov 4 - The Time has Come...

We arrived in Beaver Dam back in mid-July. So when we blow out of town tomorrow, Monday, we'll have been here about three and a half months.  Well, we did take almost a month of that time in Michigan -- the "lower" part for more than a week and the "upper" part... the Yooper part... the part that really should have been part of Wisconsin, for more than two weeks. But other than that we've been right here, on our RV pad out at the farm, for going-on three months.

The reason we make Beaver Dam part of our annual rotation is family. All four of our parents live in the area, all four are in their 80s, and all four, like most folks lucky enough to achieve octogenarian status, have health and medical issues to deal with from time to time. Since we're able to do so, we like being able to lend-a-hand, helping with repairs, maintenance, and up-keep on their homes, and just being there for them... like they were for us many years ago.

But the thermometer is falling, the skies are turning grey, and RVs like the bus-house aren't designed for upper Midwest winters. The time has come to head South.

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