Monday, November 5, 2012

Nov 5 - BD to Effingham

We rolled out of the farmyard this morning about 8:40. First stop was the tire store, Pomps, where I had the new tires installed a week ago.  They like checking the lug nut torque after a few miles... to make sure everything is snug... if you can call almost 500 ft/lbs "snug".  Sounds "eff"-ing TIGHT to me.

Back on the road by 10am, we pointed the nose south and added 350 miles to the odometer before we stopped. Well, the odometer said 350 miles but the GPS insisted it was a bit over 370 miles. The difference between the two is the result of the new larger diameter tires. When it's convenient, and when I'm near a Cummins/Allison shop in the next few weeks, I'll have them adjust the on-board computer for the new shoes.

We stopped tonight at a familiar spot... a Cracker Barrel in Effingham Illinois. In April of last year we parked in the exact same spot on our way back to Wisconsin from our Winter in Texas. While they don't charge anything for the parking spot, we did pony up more than $20 for dinner and will probably wander in tomorrow morning for breakfast too. "Cracker-docking", as some have dubbed it, certainly isn't free... but we are well fed.

At this point, we have NO CLUE where we're going or how we're getting there tomorrow. Stay tuned...