Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dec 29 - Vicksburg to Shreveport; Dinner with Ben and Sarah

Our 180 mile drive today took us from Vicksburg Mississippi to Shreveport Louisiana on I-20. Not much to report relating to the drive, but of note was the rest of the day.

We grabbed the last un-reserved big rig site at Tall Pines RV Park on the west edge of town and called Nephew Ben to see about plans for that evening. We were trying to fit a visit in with Ben and Sarah between their Christmas trip to Florida and the arrival of some friends from Lincoln Nebraska that were coming in for the New Years holiday. If everything worked out right we'd have about 4 hours this evening.

Ben suggested a new Indian restaurant - Indigo - not far from their apartment. We met there about 6pm and had a simply wonderful time catching up on their lives and learning about Indian Cuisine... something these two meat and potatoes Midwestern explorers haven't been exposed to. Well into my 60s, new experiences are savored as they don't happen as often as they used to. This was a case of the young-ish leading the old-ish in learning a new trick.

But it was the far ranging conversation that was even more enjoyable than the food, and that we continued back at their apartment. Both Ben and Sarah are smart kids that can carry a discussion to places that could challenge the unprepared... archeology (their main field), science, history, geology, culture... all woven into a cloth of thought that covered a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Thanks Ben and Sarah for being such entertaining hosts.

Sarah, Ben, and, of course, Tolstoy