Dec 30 - Shreveport to College Station

Once again we're motivated to move further west by the promise of rain for the next two days. But where to next?

Searching the Texas map we found the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in College Station Texas, one we had yet to visit. Another of the themes that direct our travels, Presidential Libraries are usually good spots to re-live some history and learn more about these people we elect to lead us. It really seems that as you learn more about a particular time and the key players of the era, it all starts to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and the big picture becomes clearer.

So we were off to College Station. Our route was I-20 to TX-31/US-259 to Henderson Texas. Then US-79 to TX-6 at Hearne south to College Station. At  260 miles and with a lot of holiday traffic to keep things from getting too boring, it was a longer day than usual for us. We arrived at Lazy G RV Park on the south edge of town about 3pm.

We weren't impressed at all with Lazy G RV Park. It generally felt shabby and in need of a lot of TLC. There were a lot of permanent denizens, usually a sign of a place we'd prefer to avoid, and the owner had the whole place for sale. If we return to College Station in the future we'll seek out a better alternative. But we were here to see the Bush Library and it was only for two nights, so we endured.

Slightly Better than Most