May 5 - Declo Idaho to Little America Wyoming

We're parked in front of the restaurant at Little America Wyoming, having just dined and settled-in for a night of parking lot bliss on the budget plan. Older folks like us need to be watching our pennys... putting up with a little discomfort (no electricity... no water... no dump...) so we can eat a good meal in a solid restaurant once in a while in lieu of rent. Actually, we're quite comfortable and quite happy tonight.

We left Declo about 9:30am. Our route took us to Pocotello where we caught I-15 South to US-30 East. Spectacular scenery along the way took our minds off the sometimes menacing and swirling mountain winds. US-30 follows the route of the Oregon Trail -- where, 160 years ago, emigrants plod along, at 12 miles per day, through South Pass on their way to Fort Mills near what is now Pocotello. Even though we were moving in the opposite direction I could almost see the hope and weariness in the faces of those early pioneers as they trod westward.

Little America is an odd place.  Really a wide spot in I-80, it's a truck stop, convenience store, restaurant, and a hotel/motel... and some residence units for the folks that work here. All those things together wouldn't be that unusual, but when you add the fact that they've somehow, along the way, convinced the Federal Government that they need their own official Post Office... zip code 82929.... for a place with just a few (maybe 10 or 20??) permanent residents, well that strikes me as a tad odd.

Regardless, we're happy to be here for one night. Tomorrow we trek eastward again, another long day for us, as we make our way to Cheyenne Wyoming. Stay tuned for more...


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